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We believe inside of every person on planet earth is an intuitive knowledge that they were made for more. Made with a purpose. Poverty tries to steal that away… But so does living life about oneself. Mission Trips are a great way to experience a purpose in line with the heart of God, serving others with the love of Jesus. Beautiful Feet trips are life changing experiences for those serving and the communities being served.

We know that every trip is unique and as individual as the people that make them up. We start developing a trip with the needs of local pastors and our communities in mind, custom fitting your team’s gifts, talents, and passions to maximize impact.

“You’ll seldom experience regret for anything that you’ve done. It is what you haven’t done that will torment you.”
- Wayne Dyer

JULY 27 - August 2nd

Hey there Beautiful Feet family! Welcome to 2019 Beautiful Feet Mission Short-Term Mission Trips. If you have never gone on a trip or if you simply want to return to Nicaragua this is the trip for you.


All in trips?

We are headed back to BF home base in Cristo Rey, Nicaragua. Recently Nicaragua has undergone some major shifts in the political landscape affecting  people of all classes. Our team goes to show support during a tumultuous time. Look forward to reconnecting with old friends, make new ones and together we will continue the work of bringing the gospel message to the poorest of the poor.

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ALL IN trips aim to meet the needs of the local church and community
with your gifts, talents, and passions in mind. We also include some fun activities while in country. 

Kids Camp

Facilitate an amazing week of Kids Camp in a local community and build relationships with sponsored kids through high-energy Bible stories, music, crafts, games, and skits.

Sports Ministry

Use sports such as soccer, basketball, frisbee, volleyball, or any large-group game as a platform for building relationships and sharing the gospel.

Mercy Ministry

Live out the gospel through your work on various projects from painting, roofing, cement work, tiling, or whatever projects are needed in the community.

School Ministry

Show the love of Jesus in a tangible way. Visit and minister to those that others may have forgotten in orphanages, hospitals, prisons, and senior centers.

hike up a mountain

Or volcano...whatever. Nicaragua is home to several active volcanoes. Ask us about touring one of them with your group.

Service Projects

During the school year, your team could be a part of a school assembly tour, tutoring students, or training and encouraging educators.

Sail the Coast

Ask us about sailing the coast with your group. This is a fun and relaxing way to debrief with the team after you've accomplished all  we have done together.

Medical Ministry

If your group has specialized individuals in medical, dental, or ophthalmology, you could help bring physical healing to those in need.

Cultural immersion

So you know a little Spanish from school? Put it to good use! The best way to build foundational relationships with people around the world is to speak their native tongue. 



July 27th - August 2nd 2019

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