Going on a Missions Trip Will Ruin Your Life

If you want to ruin your life, go on a missions trip.

Your life will be “ruined” because you’ll never be able to take the things you have for granted again. You won’t be able to forget the faces of the kids who lived in that house made of scrap metal. You’ll never forget the feeling you had when you got to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a child in need – their faces tattooed on your mind and heart.

It’s the best kind of ruining… the kind that gives you a deep sense of purpose. The kind that awakens something inside of you that wants to live for something – or someone – greater than yourself. It’s the kind of ruining that makes you realize so much of what you thought mattered really doesn’t. And so many things you’ve never had to worry about, millions of people on the planet do.

Food. Shelter. Clean water. Clothing.

These are things that they don’t take for granted, and sometimes go without. Yet, somehow, they are never poor for lack of joy or love.

Going on a missions trip puts everything into perspective. It strips away what’s comfortable and familiar and causes you to step out in courage and faith.

It makes the Scriptures come alive. “Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me.” The words on the pages become an ever-present reality and you have a realization…

You came to bless them, but here they are – blessing you. Loving and accepting you. Welcoming you into their home. Feeding you when they don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

It’s a form of God’s love that can’t be experienced any other way. It shows you a whole new way to love others with the love of Jesus and to live generously. It reminds you that God’s love is not earned but given freely.

Going on a missions trip will ruin your life but, in the process, will make it a life that’s worth living.