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Beautiful Feet: Stories of Life Change

When it comes to mission trips or sponsorship, the people giving their time or money typically think they are the ones making a difference in…

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Reasons to Sponsor a Child in Need

Did you know more than three billion people in the world live on less than $2.50 per day? One billion children around the world live…

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4 Ways to Live the Beautiful Feet Lifestyle

At Beautiful Feet, we believe in a worldwide family and a worldwide calling. We always want to express a living and tangible response to what…

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Going on a Missions Trip Will Ruin Your Life

If you want to ruin your life, go on a missions trip. Your life will be “ruined” because you’ll never be able to take the…

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5 Life-Changing Child Sponsorship Benefits

Child sponsorship is a direct and effective way to fight back against poverty worldwide. When you sponsor a child in need, you’re ensuring that each…

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Beautiful Feet: The Story Behind Our Name & Vision

Ryan Jasper didn’t expect that going on a surf trip would change his life forever. At the time, he was a successful CEO of a…

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