4 Ways to Live the Beautiful Feet Lifestyle

At Beautiful Feet, we believe in a worldwide family and a worldwide calling. We always want to express a living and tangible response to what God has to say about physical and spiritual poverty. The Bible says to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Jesus’ last words on earth, also known as the Great Commission, were to “make disciples of all nations.” All these things considered, we believe that our response shouldn’t be something we do here and there, but rather a lifestyle. Here are four ways to live out the Beautiful Feet lifestyle.

1. Become Aware

Step one is simply awareness. Because we are so blessed in America, we don’t always live with an awareness of the poverty that other parts of the world face. Three billion people survive on less than $2.50 per day. Many of us spend more than that per day on our coffee. We don’t say that to condemn anyone, but simply to gain perspective on the seemingly hopeless poverty that plagues so many people. One of the best ways to become more aware is by taking a mission trip. A mission trip allows you not only to see poverty with your own eyes, but to do something about it. It changes your perspective and compels you to live a lifestyle of helping those in need.

2. Love God

Loving God with all of your heart means being passionate about what He is passionate about. It’s clear throughout the Bible that God is passionate about the poor. Loving God with all of our soul means loving Him with all that you are as a person. We can love Him through the ways we spend our time, energy, and talents. When we love Him with all we are, then everything in our lives will point back to Him. The Bible also talks about loving God with all of our “Strength” (or Might). The Greek translation of this word means “power.” The Aramaic translation means “wealth.” This means strength can refer to what a person has or owns. Both our influence and our physical possessions provide opportunities for us to bring glory to God.

3. Love Others

Loving others is the most important component to living the Beautiful Feet lifestyle. Jesus himself instructed us to “love others as yourself.” Can you imagine a world that lived by this rule? A world where everyone actually loved and cared for each other? It would be incredible. While we can’t control whether others live out this principle, we can decide to incorporate it in our own lives. There are countless ways to love others. One incredible opportunity to love someone is by sponsoring a child in poverty. Through sponsoring a child, you can provide a child with education, clothing, healthcare, and spiritual support. Not to mention, you can write letters to your child, letting them know that someone they’ve never met loves and believes in them.

4. Make Disciples

Making disciples is at the heart of the Great Commission. Maybe you’ve felt like this job is only for pastors and those in ministry. But, the truth is, the job of making disciples is for all of us. Mission trips are tangible opportunities to fulfill the Great Commission. You can literally go into all the earth and share the Good News. At Beautiful Feet, we believe in making disciples in all nations. Our child sponsorship program is an incredible opportunity to make disciples of children living in Guatemala and Nicaragua. They receive the support and guidance of a local pastor and church, allowing them to grow in their faith.

Living the Beautiful Feet lifestyle is simple: it really all comes down to love. When we live like Jesus did, then love will be evident in our lives. Our child sponsorship program and mission trip opportunities are just two ways you can love others with the love of Jesus.