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We believe inside of every person on planet earth is an intuitive knowledge that they were made for more. Made with a purpose. Poverty tries to steal that away… But so does living life about oneself. Mission Trips are a great way to experience a purpose in line with the heart of God, serving others with the love of Jesus. Beautiful Feet trips are life changing experiences for those serving and the communities being served.

We know that every trip is unique and as individual as the people that make them up. We start developing a trip with the needs of local pastors and our communities in mind, custom fitting your team’s gifts, talents, and passions to maximize impact.

“You’ll seldom experience regret for anything that you’ve done. It is what you haven’t done that will torment you.”
- Wayne Dyer

Our History

Founder Ryan Jasper, while on a surfing trip to Nicaragua in 2009, was burdened by the sight of children rummaging through garbage dumps looking for food. Due to the extreme poverty that drove families to such desperation, these children were also walking through these dangerous conditions with bare feet.

Ryan knew he had to do something. As a CEO of a retail company with 17 surf shops in Florida, Ryan began talking with distributors about donating unused or defective shoes to deliver to the villages in Nicaragua. On June 26, 2010, Ryan and a small group of volunteers placed shoes on the feet of 500 children in La Chureca, Nicaragua - and with that small act of love, Beautiful Feet was born. Though Beautiful Feet began with meeting a basic physical need, over the years the need of a more comprehensive strategy became apparent. Since 2010, the rally cry to “Fight Physical and Spiritual Poverty across the world” has brought Beautiful Feet to where it is today:

A hands-on, comprehensive strategy to lift communities out of poverty.

Our Mission

Fighting poverty one step at a time through intentional physical, spiritual, educational, and economic transformation.

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